cancer-hating yarn raffle!

cancer-hating yarn raffle3

it’s time for the annual cancer-hating yarn raffle!!  this year i’m raffling off a skein of my very own handspun.  it’s 194yds of 75% blf and 25% tussa silk and is amazingly soft and lovely.

cancer-hating yarn raffle1

here’s the details for how to win – for every $5 you donate to the american cancer society through my fundraising page you’ll get one chance to win (so if you donate $25 you’ll have 5 chances, a $50 donation would be 10 chances and so on).  but more importantly, for every $5 you donate you’ll be contributing to the fight against breast cancer, and we all know how important that is.

cancer-hating yarn raffle2

the contest will be open for one week, i’ll announce the winner next sunday!

and of course i thank you in advance for your support!  i couldn’t do this without YOU!

thank you!!

ps – click here to go to my fundraising page!

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One Response to cancer-hating yarn raffle!

  1. cmvs says:

    oooh it’s so gorgeous!

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