we have a winner!

the winner of this year’s cancer-hating yarn raffle is the lovely helen from josiekitten!!

red red wine 2

congratulations!  and thank you again to everyone who donated!!


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cancer-hating yarn raffle!

cancer-hating yarn raffle3

it’s time for the annual cancer-hating yarn raffle!!  this year i’m raffling off a skein of my very own handspun.  it’s 194yds of 75% blf and 25% tussa silk and is amazingly soft and lovely.

cancer-hating yarn raffle1

here’s the details for how to win – for every $5 you donate to the american cancer society through my fundraising page you’ll get one chance to win (so if you donate $25 you’ll have 5 chances, a $50 donation would be 10 chances and so on).  but more importantly, for every $5 you donate you’ll be contributing to the fight against breast cancer, and we all know how important that is.

cancer-hating yarn raffle2

the contest will be open for one week, i’ll announce the winner next sunday!

and of course i thank you in advance for your support!  i couldn’t do this without YOU!

thank you!!

ps – click here to go to my fundraising page!

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bringing it all back home

it was by no means an easy decision to leave to bc3d… my teammate and cancer-hating friend laura and i wanted to walk in the avon 2-day walk this year, but none of the dates matched up with our schedules.  (but it’s totally on our radar for 2013!)  i’ve been feeling like i needed an outlet for all my cancer-hating energies… so imagine my excitement when i heard about this:

 the 2012 Mankato Area Making Strides Against Breast Cancer 5k walk.

it’s sponsored by the american cancer society and being held on saturday september 29th.



woot woot for being back in cancer-fighting action once again!!

if you would like more information, or to make a donation, please go to my personal page:


thank you for hating cancer with me!!


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politics. ugh.

well, needless to say, the recent decision of the susan g. komen foundation to pull funding from planned parenthood has me rather upset.  i saddens me greatly that s.g.k is allowing politics to stop them from fighting the fight against breast cancer and funding breast exams for women who need them.

my knee-jerk reaction was to stop supporting the komen foundation, but then i worry my doing so, for political reasons, makes me no different from what i am protesting against.  allowing politics to come between me and my hating of cancer is not the answer.

yet that still doesn’t sit quite right with me.  i’ve raised quite a bit of money (over $7,000 over the past three 3-day walks) for the komen foundation and i don’t know that i want to continue raising money for them after this.  it feels tainted somehow.

i still need to think about what i am going to do.  but one thought i have had is switching to the 2-day avon breast cancer walk.  they also raise a lot of money to fight breast cancer, but none of it goes through the komen foundation.

like i said, i still am not sure what my next move will be.  but i am sure of two things:  i hate cancer, and

i don’t believe those two things are mutually exclusive.

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a new cancer-hating home for a new cancer-hating year

the offical cancer-hating blog has an official new cancer-hating home… update your blog readers and tell all your friends!!!!

when i got this email in my inbox a few days ago i decided it was time to step up and actually do what i’d been saying i was going to do since august…
2012 - sign up email
sign up for the 2012 bc3d!!

i’m in – and i’m ready to begin another year’s cancer-hating journey!!  so watch your back breast cancer – team breast intentions is totally gunning for you!

if you are so moved and want to get an early start on cancer-hating with me please click here to go to my personal page and make a donation!

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bc3d 2011 – day three

day three theme: in it to win it!

on day three we were not messing around.  we were going to walk the entire day. 

the route for day three was the same as both the other times i've walked.  so as hard as day three was, it was also rather comforting, like walking with an old friend.  it was helpful to recognize places along the walk and to know what was coming around the bend.  there were also many fun opportunities for repeat photo-ops, so i hope you'll forgive me for a few trips down bc3d memory lane.

on the last day everyone is queued up and ready to get on the trail asap… i've always had to stand in a line to leave camp on day three.


fun with shaddows while we wait (2010) – meghan and i are the pair just to the right of the tree.

since everyone is queued up to leave camp things are pretty bunched up at the start of day three – lots of passing and being passed and very crowded pit stops.  things eventually thin out a bit though…

day three is always the most visited by cheering crouds.  there are impromput cheering stations all along the route.  people spend the entire day following the walkers, cheering us on.

everyone's favorite bikers

here we have the bikers who follow the route all weekend long off their bikes posing for pictures with the walkers.

meghan and i opted for a hovermale instead of standing in line to pose with the bikers.

day three hovermale

we were also happy to find the big pink bunny again:

meg's 2011 bunny shot

it's out every year (2008) and is meghan's "favorite" thing to be coorcered into posing next to it.

another staple of every twin cities three-day is jody's couch.  jody was a good friend of a couple (i don't know their names) and she died of breast cancer.  this pink couch was her most comfortable and favorite place to rest when she was sick.  every year the wife walks in the tree day and her husband takes jody's couch along the route and the walkers sit on it and take their pictures.  here's 2011:

2011 on jody's couch

and here's 2010 and 2008.

i mentioned the people who follow the route along all day and cheer us on… well these two ladies were our favorites from day three:

the boob ladies

i think it's clear why.  they were totally boob-city-awesome!!

as we got closer and closer to the last cheering station i started to keep my eye's peeled for some very special cheering friends…

cheer squad

these aren't them… but it always makes me laugh when the cheerleaders come out and cheer us on.

closer and closer to the capitol… as soon as we were done with lunch (7-ish miles still to go) we started to get glimpses of the capitol every now and again.

sister and capitol - almost there!

here we are about three miles out.  (the capitol is the white dome to the far right on the horizon.  looks a lot farther than three mere miles doesn't it?  we thought so too.)

but then we spied our speical cheering section!!

personal cheering section!

hooray for brian and lily!!  they were just the pick-me-up we needed towards the end of a long day.  thank you so much for coming early to cheer us along the route!!

as we walked our way into downtown st. paul, and the final mile, we passed a spot i remembered from last year (2010), so we had to stop and pose:

goofing off v.2011

i'm not sure why, but i really stiffened up along the last mile, it seemed to go on and on forever…

but really, all good things must end, and soon we were crossing the last bridge and the end was in sight:

almost there....

closer…. and closer…..

getting closer....

and then we were there!!


and there were so many people cheering… and so much joy… there is no way to stop yourself from smiling the hugest of smiles when you're finishing the 3-day.  it's a feeling like no other.

finished!  yay!

once we were done, we met up with brian and lily (again skipping the closing ceremonies), and drove back home to mankato.  

we celebrated our accomplishment with a bottle of malbec sent from our much missed teammate laura and a viewing of home alone.  (because that's how we roll.)

and thus ends the 2011 twin cities breast cancer three-day.  i want to say a huge and public thank you to my teammate and sister meghan – she is a 60 mile walking superstar – and i couldn't have been happier to have shared this experience with her!  love you meg!!!  (and i'll see you next year!!!)  (and you too laura.)

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bc3d 2011 – day two

day two theme: slow and steady meets live to fight another day.

we woke up stiff and sore at 5am on day two.  after a little bit of moving around most of our muscles had loosened up (i never could shake the tightness in the back of my left knee though) but i at least was not moving quite as quickly as the previous day.  hence the first half of the day's theme: slow and steady.

day two's route was the exact same as last year's except that we walked it in reverse, so we began our morning along the gateway trail.

wooded trail

the morning seemed to just fly by – we walked the first 8 miles without much of a thought – time really does fly when you're having fun!  (and gorgeous scenery doesn't hurt either.)


at one point we were walking past another gorgeous lake, it was clam and clear as glass and i spied two swans floating by a dock, i said, "oooooh meghan look!  swans!!"  and meghan burst out laughing and said, "those are plastic swans."

so that made for a nice running joke for the rest of the walk – everytime we saw lawn ornament animals we would say, "oooooh bunnies!!"  or "ooooooh bears!!"

sunshine on the prairie restoration

so we continued to walk and walk and walk and those 8mi that flew by in the morning seemed like a dream… my stride was getting shorter and stiffer and i had a few blisters on the bottom of my right foot that were yelling at me.

but there were some distractions:  like these awesome old cars wearing bras:

bra car 1

bra car 2

but when i reached the pit stop at mile marker 17 even cars with bras couldn't distract me from the fact that i was fading fast and there were still 6 miles to go.  i worried that if i pushed through and finished the day that i would not be able to do the entire full day on sunday… after much internal debate (and i'm still not certain i made the right call) i decided to take the bus back to camp and the live to fight another day was added to the day's theme.

meghan was still feeling good enough to keep walking and she walked the last 6 miles by herself.  yay for meghan!!  she is the day two superstar!!!

the busses that take walkers back to camp are called the sag busses (which stands for support and gear).  so i was sagged back to camp, and upon arrival they passed out legacy pins to everyone on the bus that said "sagged and proud."  well, i was sagged, but i don't know that i was terribly proud of it… but i put it on my lanyard anyway, it seemed to be the honest thing to do.

the pins

at least it's a cute little bus.

back at camp i showered and then got my blisters lanced in the medical tent (next year i am totally remembering to pack my own blister lancing supplies), met back up with meghan, ate dinner, and crashed in our little pink tent for the night.  

and thus ends day two.

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